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Friday, September 17, 2010

Dollar Tree {DIY} Monongrammed Place mats!

                           Monogrammed place mats! FOR A little over a DOLLAR (each)! Serious!
I have not ventured into the Dollar Tree very often, maybe a couple times in my life. Mostly because I have never had one in any of the places that I've lived. The closest one to me now, is a 30 minute drive, but I hear so much about it, that I had to go see it for myself! GOOD THING! Annnnnnnyway....I have been looking for some place mats in a certain couple of colors, for a reasonable price...found them!
They are pretty just plain and simple, but I love monogramming everything. I grabbed 3 different colors that go like perfection in my home, and then decided to use the brown one for the letters, and the other two colors as the place mats. It takes only one place mat to use for your monograms, I was able to cut out 12 on just one place mat because I cut the edges off and then I had both sides of the mat to use up!
It cost me $7 for 6 of these beauties...I did both sides, so in case one sides gets dirty and I don't have time to wash it before guests get here, I just flip it over!
I used freezer paper and my Cricut with a Cricut marker to draw out the design.
I cut on of the brown mats out along the edge, leaving me two sides to work with. 
I then ironed on my freezer paper to my mat so the monograms would lay flat and still. (I also used HEATn'BOND Ultra and ironed that on the back of the brown mat, before I cut it all out together.)
I tried to cut the fabric out with my Cricut, but my mat wasn't sticky enough, so that's why I used the Freezer paper, but that would save you a LOT of time, and you could do a more cursive font too!
I chose to use a plain font, because I'm not very precise with scissors, but it would look GORGEOUS with a pretty, dainty font. When my Cricut is back in commission, I will do more with a better font. This is it for now!
Have a GREAT Weekend!!
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Tasha said...

Those turned out awesome! Thank you, thank you for linking them up :)

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

Hi, I'm linking up from Tatertots & Jello. I love monograms too & this looks really great. So glad you've discovered the dollar store!

Warmly, Michelle

Jason and Michelle said...

Love this idea! Oh and love the dinnerware too! You have good taste...I own it also! :-) Question - you ironed on freezer paper? Does it stick so you can cut out easily? I don't quite get that part. TIA

RedHeadedStepChild said...

Tell me more about using the cricut for fabric? I've never done that! Do you have to pre-treat the fabric before trying to cut it?

I love your mats and LOVE your plates! Where did you get them?

Anonymous said...

These are really elegant looking - love them!

martha puri natasande said...

ow.. cool! I will try it! thanks for sharing.


the cape on the corner said...

that looks so great! fantastic job!

Carla said...

these look wonderful! I am definately going to do this myself!

RebekahBridge said...

I love these! Simple enough for me (cheap enough too!) yet they make a statement. I plan to make some for my mom for a Christmas gift! :)

cariboucountry said...

cool project. Once my kids start getting more spaghetti in their mouths than they do on my table I may have to try it!

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