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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Try it Tuesday!

I just remembered it was Tuesday already!
Last  week I recieved this awesome email and I knew I had to feature it this week! This tutorial was submitted by Stephanie over at Luxe Boulevard! It's a Peg Board Spool Holder for all of your thread! Genius...Love it!!! Go check out all the details on her blog and see all of her other neat ideas!!
Thank you for submitting your tutorial Stephanie! I am buying the supplies tomorrow to hurry and make one...I desperately need it!!

Isn't THIS room so stinkin' awesome?! I ran across Nikki's blog, Nature's glad I did!
I love her colors, and the stencil! As you might all know, I am in the middle of a stencil project that seems to be never ending...but I loved this one so much, that I might just switch up my plans a bit! Go check out her blog for more details on her room and other creative projects from this crafty gal!
I am so excited about these projects! Thank you ladies for letting me share them!
If any of you have any projects that you want featured please email me, I love getting to see all your awesome ideas and fun tutorials!
I have been wanting to feature some yummy recipes too, so if any of you have any of those, email me so I can try them (and feature them)!
Thanks all!
Have a happy Tuesday (night)!
I hope to be back to my regular programming soon, October has been a busy month! (SORRY)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Nothing new....

I have been the worst blogger lately! I am so sorry, I have been so busy with Owl orders from my Etsy shop and other custom orders that people have been emailing me about, that I have not had time to do anything else! I just sent out the last few orders today, so hopefully that means that I can have some time to finish MY projects tomorrow and post them!!
See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Try it Tuesday!

I am hoping to get my camera in the mail today or tomorrow...then I will have some projects to post!
SORRY people!
Until then, you can check out these awesome projects that I found that I am just dying to do!!
Once again I am featuring a project from the ladies at Twice Lovely...I just think their stuff is "lovely" I guess! (am I funny or what?!)
Anyway..Check out this amazing Damask Dresser!
P.S. Another reason you should go check out their blog is THIS AWESOME GIVEAWAY


 Sue at  Uniquely Chic made this awesome mosaic table ! I just love how many ways you can do mosaics! I have a couple things that I am on the look for to mosaic...hopefully I will find them soon so I can post about it! 
You've got to go see all of her great creations!

Okay this last entry from Heather over at Dragonfly Designs is one that honestly I will probably never try, because I am not a good baker and I think after seeing this Fall Cake I feel overwhelmed! Isn't this beautiful? I admire all of you who can make these amazing cake creations!! Go check her blog out for the details so YOU can TRY IT! She also has a linky party every week that you should join!!
Well I hope you all feel inspired! 
I hope to be back to my regular posting soon...I feel like I am bursting out of my seems because I have so many ideas that I want to do and post about, but I have no camera..other than my phone camera but it's horrid!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lamp Re-do!

Have you ever seen a lamp like this?!
I was intrigued from the moment I spotted it...
it was so UGLY that I had to do something with it!
I am easily fascinated by ugly items that are cheap!
Shiny things also have a tendency to make me daze..but that's another project!
Here is the LOVELY before:

Here is the even more LOVELY after:

My mom and sister were with me when I got this cheap lamp...they were doubting that it could ever look good I think!
There is a huge lamp shade that goes with it, but I am not sure yet how I want to finish the shade, so that will come later this week!
When I have the whole lamp together (shade and all) it is about 4.5 feet tall! It is the craziest lamp I have ever seen!
I love it!
P.S. I am trying hard to not paint something turquoise and glaze it, but I'm addicted to both those things...can't help it!
Next time...maybe. NOT!
Have a Happy Wednesday!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Try it Tuesday!

Hello People!
I'm so excited about this feature today!
 I Love the blog Twice Lovely, she has great furniture revivals in there that give me so much inspiration! Today she nailed it! I always use those wood decals on almost all my furniture revivals, they can get kind of pricey, but so worth it! I thought that was the only way to make it look good until I looked at her post and found my new alternative! She used Stucco Texture Medium to make a raised design that looks almost exactly like a decal, but WAY cheaper than buying all of them!
I am SO stinkin' excited about this!
Go check out her post HERE!

This next feature is actually one that I am in the process of doing...kind of! It uses the basics of her ideas, but takes it a bit further! I hope it turns out! I'm sure most of you have seen this idea, but I thought that I would feature it just in case! They are no sew painted drapes! Made out of bed sheets!! Love it!
Go check out the Hand Me Down House for all of her awesome ideas!
YAY! I hope you all feel inspired! I know I do! I'm hoping to get this project done so I can finally post something interesting again! It is taking me WAY longer than I thought...some minor speed bumps in the way!
Until next time!!
Have a great Tuesday!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Owl costumes!

YAY! Halloween is still 22 days away and I have both girl's costumes done! My kids are so lucky to have such an awesome grandma that makes them so many neat things! She sews costumes for her dance teams, she can pretty much sew anything...I am hoping eventually I will pick up on her skills! She is still working on my little J.T.'s costume, and I am so excited for that too!
These owl costumes are inspired by Pottery Barn's, but they are so cute, I am letting my girls wear them as shawls/jackets even after Halloween! They don't have the full piece like the P.B ones because we didn't really like that. I think that I am either going to make tutu's to match it for Halloween or a white ruffle shirt and some leggings!

Aren't they soooo cute!? We love them!
Thanks MOM!
If you are interested in buying one, my mom is selling them for only $30!!
Order by the 19th and your guaranteed to have them before Halloween! They are cute enough to wear throughout the winter as well!
Any questions just email me:

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Who designs blogs?!

I am in need of some major help!
Email me. 
nuff said....
Have a great weekend!!!
P.S. I am totally serious, I need someone to help me with all these little things on my blog, so if you do, let me know your site and your prices!! You all are great!!
I know I have to have at least ONE follower who designs blogs...right?!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Try it Tuesday! (On Wednesday?)

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post my "Try it Tuesday"...but I have to teach preschool again, so I knew that I wouldn't have time to post it! Now that it's nap time I thought that I would just post it today instead!
I am planning a Halloween/birthday party for my almost 1 year old in a little over a week! I'm not doing anything over the top, it's just going to be our family and her 13 cousins! All the kids are supposed to wear their Halloween costumes, so I figured I have to do SOME fun things!
 I love this idea that I found over at Dragonfly Designs!
How fun would that be, and it doesn't break the bank AT ALL!
It's a Monster Box for the kids to pose in!
Go check out more details on her BLOG. She also has a fun linky party going on right now too, so you should link up with her!

This idea I knew that I had to do because those plastic kitchens are just not cool enough to make it outside of the little playroom. Over at Dwellings By DeVore, she shows you how to make an elegant Play Kitchen for your little girls, that could actually coordinate with her bedroom!
I am so excited to find a nightstand so I can make one of these!!
Go check her blog out for the details!

Well I am excited to try these!
Have a great day!

Vintage Style Jewelry Holder!

Whew! Sorry about the lack of posting lately! I have to teach my son's preschool this week, so I have found it hard to get anything done that is unrelated to preschool! I also wanted to do my "Try it Tuesday" yesterday, but didn't even get on the computer until late last night and I was so exhausted I thought that I would share it with you later on...mmmkkkaay?!?
Moving on...
Where do you keep all your earrings and stuff?! In a drawer, bag, little cup, jewelry box...I'm curious? All of my friends, that I asked, all said different places. Most of them also said that it was always a hunt in the morning to find a matching set of earrings! LOL! Then I remembered back in the day when I first got my ears pierced (well actually I got them pierced when I was a tiny baby) but when I first started to get out of my "tom-boy" stage and started wearing earrings in the 6th grade for my first dance! I was always so proud of my earrings, buying those tacky  plastic earring holders to display them know what I mean...don't act like you weren't proud of your pink and purple "bling"!
I ramble A LOT. 
It's a new twist on the tacky plastic earring holder!
Of course it's vintage style, and elegant, because that's what we are now!

Just a Dollar Store picture frame, spray painted, then sanded. Add your lace, I did black on this one (obviosuly). Another one I did was with white lace, and a turquoise frame, then I added the burn flowers for that girlie touch!
Hot glue your lace onto the back, where the glass used to be, and you can add some ribbon to hide the mess of the glue on the back and to re-enforce it! I hot glued my flowers to the frame also!
Five minutes and less than $5! Now you can find you both earrings in the morning. I obviously haven't found most of mine...yet!
I placed mine on a display thing, but you can use ribbon and hang it on your wall too!
My camera died, but I have more pictures of the back of it, and of the turquoise one on my phone...but I can't figure out how to download pictures from my phone to my computer?!
I will update this as soon as I get a hold of one of my siblings that can educate me on this!
Have a happy hump day!!
I was able to get one picture off my phone!
Kind of blurry...I tried to sharpen the image while editing...?

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Friday, October 1, 2010

October gifts continued...

A witches broom!
 I got this idea from the one and only MARTHA Stewart! Her version is a little different, obviously hers is perfection, mine is a different kind of perfection!
I did the witch's broom, but the others look just as cute and just as simple!
Flyaway Favor Bag
(The doesn't have to be perfect type of perfection!)
You will need:
A brown paper lunch bag.
Tissue paper.
Any type of stick or dowel for your broom stick.
Some type of ribbon, raffia, or whatever you have on hand.

Cut the bag in strips until you get to the crease of the bottom of the bag.
That's where the treats are going to go.
Then put your candy in your tissue paper. Put the tissue paper inside the bottom of the bag and put the stick in the middle of both. I twisted the tissue paper around the stick and then used my raffia to tie around the bag to bring them all together. My stick had lots of notches in it, so I didn't have a problem with it slipping off. If you use a wooden dowel, you might have to hot glue it to the bag.
That's all it is!
Now you've got yourself a witch's broomstick full of candy for your neighbor or sister friends!

I spray painted my stick black, but only because I have a spray paint addiction and think I have to do it to EVERYTHING! Totally optional!
The candy I used to fill my bag, Werther's caramels, I was going to use candy corn, but I wanted something wrapped.
I couldn't get a great picture of it, they are much cuter on person. You have to do them! I'm sure you have everything at your house to whip one of these up in 5 minutes!
Then tie a little message on it, and you've got yourself a festive gift!

I'm linking up to the parties on the right side of my blog!! Come join us!

Gifts....(V.T. ideas)

(I re-named my title, because it didn't occur to me when I first posted, what exactly that title means to most people! LOL! Maybe I should have still left it, but I didn't want to make you stop reading before you started!...Thanks Stranger for pointing that out!!)
(P.S. The previous title to the post was "Gift of the Month"...get it?
 I didn't at first...but whatever!)
I am starting a new tradition here at {dot}{dot}{dot}!
Every month I am thinking of an idea to take to my ladies that I visit. Something inexpensive, but thoughtful, more than just a plate of cookies! Not because I have anything against that, I just can't really bake very well, and I like to have an excuse to make things!
With this new feature I am going to try and give you a few ideas the first week of each month, so you can have a chance to make them too! These can be more than just V.T. gifts, just make adjustments for them to be Thank You, Just Because, Birthdays, Neighbor, Hostess gifts, etc....

The month of October has SOOO many fun things!

I am going to be making Gourmet Apples for my ladies!
 Inexpensive, yummy, and easy!
Start with getting your favorite kind of apple, the crispier the better!
Then get a bag of Caramels, Chocolate bark (I got vanilla and milk chocolate), Cinnamon sugar,  pecans, or whatever topping you prefer!

 The Apple Pie Apple...(super easy, and most ingredients you probably already have!)
   To make it-Melt your caramel and white chocolate (according to directions on package). Dip your apple in the caramel first, let it set for about 5-10 min the fridge. Then dip your apple in the chocolate and immediately sprinkle cinnamon sugar all over it!!
My favorite is the Pecan Delight Apple!
To make-Melt your caramel, white and milk chocolate (according to directions on package). Dip your apple in the caramel, let it set for about 5-10 min. in the fridge. Then dip in milk chocolate and immediately place pecans all over it. Then take a spoon in both your white and milk chocolate and drizzle over the apple!

All of the apples are pretty much the same thing, you just add your desired toppings, candy bars, gummy bears, plain chocolate, etc...!

I, at first put popsicle sticks in my apples, but then I found actual Candy Apple Scewers at Smith's for $3 a bag of 20 I think! They make them look more professional.

Once your apples have set, place them in cellophane, or a baggie of your choice, add a ribbon and a tag with a special note/message! Simple!
 (These are pictures of apples that I made awhile ago, just because I was having a craving for them, I have not made them for my V.T. ladies yet, because I haven't set a date with them, the apples will spoil if I make too soon! I will post a picture of the final product when I go! This is just an idea)

If the apple idea shoots your budget, there is always the classic Tootsie Pop Ghosts! Just get a few tootsie pops, place a tissue over each one, wrap a piece of string, yarn, or ribbon to hold in place. Then make 2 dots with a black marker for eyes!

You can also visit your local Dollar Tree, grab a festive basket and fill with Dollar Tree candies! That would be fun, festive, and inexpensive!

 I will be back later today with some more! My kids just woke up from their naps so I'm on mommy duty now!! Stay tuned though, I love this idea, and it's something my kids get to help me with!
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