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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Try it Tuesday!

I was going to do all Christmas things again, but then I saw this awesome wreath and I had to share it!
The girls at Three Sisters shared this idea of their Bead Wreath, and I totally am in love! I can't wait for my Christmas stuff to calm down so I can make a few of these to place around the house!
Go over to Three Sisters to see how they did it!

This isn't exactly Christmas related either, but it kind of is to me! I am going on a road trip with my 3 kids over Christmas, to San Diego, and I am trying to get lots of things to keep them busy! I am so happy I ran into this idea of some Travel Trays at Crazy Domestic.  Head on over to her blog to get the how-to!

Okay, so now on to the Christmas stuff!
I am SO in love with this idea! I love seeing these types of ornaments when I go to people's houses! My hubby's mom still has his ornament from the 1st grade (I think). It's by far my favorite ornament on her tree, and my hubby is obsessed with himself so it's his favorite too! (I kid, I kid!)
ANYWAY this idea comes from Cleverly Inspired. It's a Time Capsule Ornament, cute right?!
Jump on over there to get all the details!

Another cute ornament idea is this one that I got from Shabby 2 Sweet! It is a Fabric Ball Ornament!
So many different ways you can do this, I love it! Go check her out!

Lastly, here is this DELICIOUS looking (and I'm sure tasty, once I make it) recipe!
I'm seriously ticked that I don't have the ingredients to make these right now, I am craving it like nobodies business! Go over to Purple Chocolat Home and check out these Strawberry Cream Horns!
 You'll die!

Well I hope you feel inspired! Have a great evening!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Wreath!

I have finally started my Christmas decor! I LOVE love LOVE this time of year...but who doesn't?!
The first thing that I started with was my outdoor wreath!
I bought this plain wreath last year on the after Christmas sells, I don't remember the price, but I know it had to be under $15 because I'm cheap and I know I wouldn't pay more than that!
I also got a couple boxes of ornaments for 50% off, making each box only $2.50, (the price was still on them). So all together this wreath only costs me less than $20!
These same types of wreaths cost anywhere from $40-$80, so I'm pretty pleased with the savings!
I think I am going to add one more box of ornaments though...I like shiny!

This is how it started...kind of...I had started it obviously, then I decided I would take a before picture.

It is a lighted wreath, but it still seemed kind of dull to me...

So I of course added some ribbon and my monogrammed "H" to add a little pizazz!
Definitely needs one more little box of ornaments don't ya think?!
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Holidays!
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Try it Tuesday!

So excited for these features today, I hope you will share my excitement with them too!

I love all things that's my weakness, that is exactly what this WREATH is! I feel in love with this when I saw it over at Junkin' Junky! Isn't it GORGEOUS!?! You have to go over and check out how to make one, and look at all of Mel's other amazingly gorgeous creations! I have to say I could have done like my whole "Try it Tuesday" post on things on her site!
Look at these cute pillows too! Love.

I thought this next idea was a cute spin on an old's a Christmas Countdown Frame! I've been wanting to do a countdown craft, just wasn't sure what kind of one until now! Head on over to A little of this, a little of that to get the full tutorial!

I guess I got a little ahead of myself on letting loose my Christmas excitement and forgetting that Thanksgiving is 2 days away. This next craft I might have to whip up tonight to have it in time for Turkey day, and maybe switch them up a bit so they can be used for Christmas and New Years! Aren't these place mats cute!? I think so! Head on over to It's Always Craft Time and give her some love! 

I hope some of you feel inspired to make your own creations! If you have any projects that you want featured be sure to email me at dotdotdotthis{at}gmail{dot}com! I would love to see them!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving week!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fabric Wall of curtains!

I have two embarrassing problems:
I can't believe I am showing this to everyone...
Problem #1
Unsightly cords draped down my wall because, neither myself or my hubster are electricians.
P.S. I don't ever watch Soaps, sorry, I couldn't find the remote so it was left on that channel! :)
Problem # 2
A toilet view from our bed. Sexy right?
That was one thing that I noticed when we were looking at our house to buy it. When we went home to talk about things my hubster assured me that there was in fact a door there and that I must have not seen it. I mean who doesn't put a door from their bedroom to their toilet? Then after a quick buy, and move in day, I then assured him that there was in fact NOT a stinkin door there!
What the crap right? (no pun intended)
 Anyway, after almost 3 years in the house and staring at the toilet every night as I lay my head to sleep, I decided I could not go on like this anymore. This is what we did. I love love love it!

I wanted it to go from wall to wall and touch the ceiling so there would be no gaps. We screwed those little loop things on the two side walls and then strung the wire through, then tightened it at the end. I also used some sticky back velcro to help close things up.

I want to get a hook to hold back the one drape from the door. For now the chair works!
My bathroom is the next project on my list of to-dos...don't judge!

If I had the rest of my room finished I would show you a picture of the whole room, but that will be in a few weeks..hopefully! I was afraid at first, that because the curtains are chocolate brown, they would make the room feel smaller, but I think it makes it look more GRAND because they are floor to ceiling and shimmery!

Now the T.V. looks like it's floating!
I also wanted to do a little stencil on the curtains, my significant other says no, he is old fashioned I guess. I think I might do it while he is at work and then he will come home and may have a seizure at first from the amount of drama on the wall, but I think after awhile his brain and eyes will adjust.
This is a mock-up of what it would look like if I decide to do the stencil. I would move the chair with the damask print away from the room, so there wouldn't be too much print.
I think I would do a goldish color of paint on the curtains so it wouldn't be too dramatic, but I think an off-white would look pretty too!

This is something that would be so awesome if you lived in an apartment and you couldn't paint, but you wanted the drama of a stenciled wall!

What do you think?


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do you like great deals?!

As most of you probably know by now, I am CHEAP. Well not really "cheap", but I hate spending money on things that I know I can either do myself, or that I can buy somewhere else and save a ton! One of my favorite places to shop for those things that I really don't want to do myself..or can't is
They have endless varieties of items that you can get for amazingly low prices, plus ALL of your items only ship for $2.95! AWESOME!

Even more AWESOME is that they are providing YOU, (my readers)  10% off on any products, and FREE Shipping on your electronics purchase!

You can't pass this up!

Here are the codes:
121728 , good for 10% off all products.
202234  ** - free shipping promo code for electronics.

Here are a list of some of my favorite items from

Hurry up now!
Hope you are all having a great weekend!
I will be back Monday with some new projects!
All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I was provided with a discount code.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pottery Barn inspired desk.

Maybe I am obsessed with turquoise and glazing.
I love it!



I know I should stop using this color, but I can't!
I think of turquoise as a neutral, because it looks good with almost any color..don't you think?!
It's like a Pop Neutral, it matches everything, but still adds that pop in the room that you need!
Say what?!

This item is FOR SALE in my Shop!
Email me for details!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Try it Tuesday!

LOVE these ideas!

I have been dying to have a fireplace in my front room, obviously a real one is out of the question with my budget! That's when I figured I would do a faux one, well that has taken some years time to get my hubster to help me. Then I came across this amazing tutorial and realized that I could totally do this myself, or at least enough of it that would get the hubster to have to help me finish...right? Go check this DIY Faux Fireplace at Vintage Revivals! Thanks for the inspiration Mandi!

I am in need of some super cute Christmas decor, and these Ruffled Trees are perfect! They are cute and elegant, and best of all...super inexpensive! Head on over to Shanty 2 Chic to get the complete tutorial!
Can't wait to go get the supplies and get started!

I thought this last idea would be a fun 12 Days of Christmas gift starter! I ran across it over at Diary of a Preppy Mom. They are cute little Christmas Crayons, go check out her tutorial!

This last feature is a tutorial submitted by Stephanie at Luxe Boulevard! She made a No Sew Bow Tie, perfect for the upcoming Christmas dress parties. Put your little boy in one, and instantly makes it look fancy!


Thanks to all of these ladies for sharing their great ideas!
If any of you have a project you want featured please email me, I would love to see it!
Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Damask Chair!

You may have seen this chair in my post last week of projects that I was about to refinish. Just in case you didn't, I will let you have a reminder of what the before was:
I had taken the top cushion off and started sewing on it, then I remembered I hadn't taken a before yet! opps!
After getting my Clorox fabric spray and my steam cleaner a good run over the cushions, I was ready to slip-pholster them!
"Slip-pholster" in my terms is leaving the original fabric on the cushions and making another cover by sewing over it, so it is nice and it's partially a slip cover, but yet it's more like reupholstering too!
Sorry about the picture quality, I really don't know how to work this camera!

Then I gave the rest of the chair and quick coat of paint and distressed it!
I will be back with another furniture makeover tomorrow!
Have a great day!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Girlie makeover...

The other day I saw these chairs that I LOVED, I saw the potential, and I was so sad that there were only 2 left :(...I'm thinking they came in a full set and someone took the other 4 that were all in tact and left the 2 that were broken..for me!
This first one I made over for my 2 1/2 year old daughter. I let her pick a color at Wal-Mart and that's what we did. To no surprise, she picked PINK. We were excited!
The only problem I had with this one was that it had a hole in the middle of the seat..bummer...but I wasn't going to let that stop me! I am still trying to decide of a few remedies to fix it, but for now it works and she LOVES it!
I think I might re-do the seat in a canvas material and also glue some over the back where the weaved part is (not sure what it is called) then add a little ribbon or something to finish the edge off. Maybe add a stencil off some sort to the seat then too. I don't know yet. When it comes to me I will let you know.
Anyway here is the before and after!
I tried taking some tulle and making a flower bow over the hole, but the color of the tulle makes it look like toilet paper or something...obviously doesn't work. I'm thinking I am going to go get the canvas and try that method soon!

Here are some other projects that I have in the making!!! So excited!
This chair is almost finished! I have the cushions reupholstered already, just waiting on my hubby to start a fire in the fireplace out in our shop! I tried painting it already and it was too cold so the paint crackled..I was so ticked! LOL!
Hopefully it will be done tomorrow!

This cute dresser is going to go in my son's room...probably blue again because that's the color he picked. I am just waiting to find some knobs for it!

This is a matching vanity to the dresser, but I don't think my son really needs/wants a I am trying to find a place to put it. The mirror is missing right now, but I think it makes a neat kind of bench or something without the mirror!

This little lovely is going to go in our master bedroom..I think! It was an old record player that I got for a whopping $5! SA-WEET! I think it would make a pretty entertainment center!

Lastly I have this cute little vanity/desk. I'm thinking turquoise!
Of course!

Hopefully I can get all these finished sometime soon! I am so excited about doing them, just have to find the time!
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Nightstand Makeover!

I have had this UGLY nightstand in my garage FOREVER. I went back and forth on what room I wanted to put it in, finally I decided it would be for my son's room!
I have been racking my brain trying to do something unique to his room and make it special, so this is where it all starts. A simple blue nightstand. The rest is to come. I have a really big project that I hope to start this weekend, and I am SOOO stinkin' excited...If you could see into my mind and see my vision, you would be too!
Anyway, here is the nightstand! Sorry I forgot to take a before picture! I figured since I had it for so long that I maybe took a picture already, I didn't I took one right after I primed it!
Before it was just a nasty, dark, speckled piece of crap star!
Then I primed it...
The I painted it BLUE and glazed it (of course).
I also sprayed the pulls an oil rubbed bronze. They were gold and I did a light coat over them so a tiny bit shows through the blackish color! 

I love it, he LOVES it, we love it!
I know you're saying "well it's just blue, there is nothing unique about that" (shrug)
Is all I can say is...
 Just wait, just wait, JUST WAIT! (jumping around)
That's annoying...I know.
 I hope what I am about to do will turn out because I goes so perfectly with this blue! This was just the motivation to get me started on his room!
See ya all later!
Have a great day!
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Gifts continued...

I came across a few more things that I think would be perfect little gifts for this month!
T'is the Season to be THANKFUL right?
How about making your friends, family, sisters, neighbors, etc...this awesome "Blessings Board"!
Simple, inexpensive, and really thoughtful! I think anyone would love it!
Go on over to Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss to check out how she made it!

Another great gift idea is making a "Thankful Journal". Grab a notebook from the dollar store, get some cute paper and mod podge the front. The add your embellishments and voila...a cute personalized "Thankful Journal"! Then whomever you give it to can keep track all month, or all year, of everyday things that they are thankful for!
I wish I could have had a picture to show you, I have seen these when I was younger and forgot about them. I went searching some blogs to see if anyone has made one that I could feature but I haven't come across any yet! As soon as I do I will update it!

Monday, November 1, 2010

November Gift Ideas continued... and (Try it Tuesday)

I thought this adorable "Give Thanks" advent calendar would be a great idea if I went V.T. this week so they could get started on it, but I probably won't go until next week or so, so I probably won't do it, but I am going to share it with all you just in case you want to make one for you or for your neighbors!
You can hope on over to Oopsey Daisey and get the details of how she did it, plus a free download!
This is another inexpensive idea, you can get a piece of scrap metal for free if you go to a metal shop and the magnet pebbles you can find at the Dollar Tree for for a dollar!

I also loved this idea from This & That Creative! You can find a frame at D.I. for a couple bucks and leave the glass in it instead of doing a chalk board you can put paper behind the glass and make it a dry erase board with what you are thankful for!
She has all the details on her blog!

I think doing this cute printable would be a super quick and inexpensive gift! Go to the dollar store or D.I. to find a cheap frame, spray paint it, and then slip your free printable in the frame and tie a ribbon around it! Voila, instant gift!
Go over to Craftily Ever After if you want to grab a  free printable!

With all of these ideas, you can tweak them a bit and make them more of an inexpensive gift idea that is thoughtful and unique!
Hope you have some ideas in your head now if you were in need of some inexpensive gift ideas, and if you weren't, you can just make these things for yourself!!
Have a great day!

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