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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Try it Tuesday!

I was going to do all Christmas things again, but then I saw this awesome wreath and I had to share it!
The girls at Three Sisters shared this idea of their Bead Wreath, and I totally am in love! I can't wait for my Christmas stuff to calm down so I can make a few of these to place around the house!
Go over to Three Sisters to see how they did it!

This isn't exactly Christmas related either, but it kind of is to me! I am going on a road trip with my 3 kids over Christmas, to San Diego, and I am trying to get lots of things to keep them busy! I am so happy I ran into this idea of some Travel Trays at Crazy Domestic.  Head on over to her blog to get the how-to!

Okay, so now on to the Christmas stuff!
I am SO in love with this idea! I love seeing these types of ornaments when I go to people's houses! My hubby's mom still has his ornament from the 1st grade (I think). It's by far my favorite ornament on her tree, and my hubby is obsessed with himself so it's his favorite too! (I kid, I kid!)
ANYWAY this idea comes from Cleverly Inspired. It's a Time Capsule Ornament, cute right?!
Jump on over there to get all the details!

Another cute ornament idea is this one that I got from Shabby 2 Sweet! It is a Fabric Ball Ornament!
So many different ways you can do this, I love it! Go check her out!

Lastly, here is this DELICIOUS looking (and I'm sure tasty, once I make it) recipe!
I'm seriously ticked that I don't have the ingredients to make these right now, I am craving it like nobodies business! Go over to Purple Chocolat Home and check out these Strawberry Cream Horns!
 You'll die!

Well I hope you feel inspired! Have a great evening!


Flannery Buchanan said...

Thank you Tasha!!! I'm your latest follower! And look for us on FB too.

I am loving that fabric ornament!

Flannery @

Megan said...

Thanks for the feature! I hope your trip goes smoothly! Those cream horns look AMAZING!

Kris said...

Tasha, Thanks so much for featuring my fabric ball ornament! Love your blog!
Shabby 2 Sweet

Damian, Heidi & Cambree said...

Tasha...I love your blog!! I just posted a new craft but it doesn't even compare to your amazing talents! Are you coming home for Christmas?

Anonymous said...

I love that fabric ball! so cute!

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