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Available Pieces

Little Girl's Pottery Barn inspired desk.

Dining Table, 4 chairs and bench.
Chairs can be reupholstered to match your decor, free of cost.

Large Executive Desk


Large Executive Desk. Pull outs on both sides.
Dimensions: 6' x 4'.

If you have any furniture of your own that you want to fit the decor of your home please contact me at I provide custom furniture and home decor to the Northeastern Utah area as well as the Northwestern Wyoming area.
If you have any questions on pieces or prices, please contact me at
I can also come look at your own piece of furniture that you want transformed and give you a price quote.

Soon to be Transformed!
(pictures coming soon)
All soon to be transformed items can be customized to your specifications of color and finish, contact me if you see any that interest you!

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