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Monday, November 22, 2010

Fabric Wall of curtains!

I have two embarrassing problems:
I can't believe I am showing this to everyone...
Problem #1
Unsightly cords draped down my wall because, neither myself or my hubster are electricians.
P.S. I don't ever watch Soaps, sorry, I couldn't find the remote so it was left on that channel! :)
Problem # 2
A toilet view from our bed. Sexy right?
That was one thing that I noticed when we were looking at our house to buy it. When we went home to talk about things my hubster assured me that there was in fact a door there and that I must have not seen it. I mean who doesn't put a door from their bedroom to their toilet? Then after a quick buy, and move in day, I then assured him that there was in fact NOT a stinkin door there!
What the crap right? (no pun intended)
 Anyway, after almost 3 years in the house and staring at the toilet every night as I lay my head to sleep, I decided I could not go on like this anymore. This is what we did. I love love love it!

I wanted it to go from wall to wall and touch the ceiling so there would be no gaps. We screwed those little loop things on the two side walls and then strung the wire through, then tightened it at the end. I also used some sticky back velcro to help close things up.

I want to get a hook to hold back the one drape from the door. For now the chair works!
My bathroom is the next project on my list of to-dos...don't judge!

If I had the rest of my room finished I would show you a picture of the whole room, but that will be in a few weeks..hopefully! I was afraid at first, that because the curtains are chocolate brown, they would make the room feel smaller, but I think it makes it look more GRAND because they are floor to ceiling and shimmery!

Now the T.V. looks like it's floating!
I also wanted to do a little stencil on the curtains, my significant other says no, he is old fashioned I guess. I think I might do it while he is at work and then he will come home and may have a seizure at first from the amount of drama on the wall, but I think after awhile his brain and eyes will adjust.
This is a mock-up of what it would look like if I decide to do the stencil. I would move the chair with the damask print away from the room, so there wouldn't be too much print.
I think I would do a goldish color of paint on the curtains so it wouldn't be too dramatic, but I think an off-white would look pretty too!

This is something that would be so awesome if you lived in an apartment and you couldn't paint, but you wanted the drama of a stenciled wall!

What do you think?



Mel said...

Tasha, it looks fabulous! The fabric is gorgeous and you've solved two unsightly issues. Way to go.

Fig said...

Tash, that looks AWESOME.

The Clarno Family said...

I love it. We have the same problem as far as the tv cord is concerned, this might just do the trick. I think I'm with your husband on the stenceling though. It looks so classy and elegant as is, I love the old fashion look.

Heather at Dragonfly Designs said...

Holy cow! What a great {yet simple} transformation! You go girl! i cant wait to see the whole room! Thanks for linking up!

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