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Friday, October 1, 2010

October gifts continued...

A witches broom!
 I got this idea from the one and only MARTHA Stewart! Her version is a little different, obviously hers is perfection, mine is a different kind of perfection!
I did the witch's broom, but the others look just as cute and just as simple!
Flyaway Favor Bag
(The doesn't have to be perfect type of perfection!)
You will need:
A brown paper lunch bag.
Tissue paper.
Any type of stick or dowel for your broom stick.
Some type of ribbon, raffia, or whatever you have on hand.

Cut the bag in strips until you get to the crease of the bottom of the bag.
That's where the treats are going to go.
Then put your candy in your tissue paper. Put the tissue paper inside the bottom of the bag and put the stick in the middle of both. I twisted the tissue paper around the stick and then used my raffia to tie around the bag to bring them all together. My stick had lots of notches in it, so I didn't have a problem with it slipping off. If you use a wooden dowel, you might have to hot glue it to the bag.
That's all it is!
Now you've got yourself a witch's broomstick full of candy for your neighbor or sister friends!

I spray painted my stick black, but only because I have a spray paint addiction and think I have to do it to EVERYTHING! Totally optional!
The candy I used to fill my bag, Werther's caramels, I was going to use candy corn, but I wanted something wrapped.
I couldn't get a great picture of it, they are much cuter on person. You have to do them! I'm sure you have everything at your house to whip one of these up in 5 minutes!
Then tie a little message on it, and you've got yourself a festive gift!

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ann said...

so cute! :)

Shelley said...

I am following from the blog hop. I hope you can follow me back and checking out my latest giveaways.
God Bless and Happy Friday,

Chrissie said...

Cute. I like the different kind of perfection best!

Tammy@MyPartyFile said...

If only we celebrated Halloween here in Australia. My kids would think this was amazing!

tamy@prettie parties said...

I love your broomstick - spooky cute! Such a great idea. I love purple for Halloween too. Thanks for sharing:)

Denise Marie said...

awesome job and what fun was that.

Jami said...

Great minds think alike!!! So glad you stopped by and linked up!

Jami said...

Hi Tasha! I featured you today! Please stop by and grab a button from the side bar!
Have a wonderful week!

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