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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vintage Style Jewelry Holder!

Whew! Sorry about the lack of posting lately! I have to teach my son's preschool this week, so I have found it hard to get anything done that is unrelated to preschool! I also wanted to do my "Try it Tuesday" yesterday, but didn't even get on the computer until late last night and I was so exhausted I thought that I would share it with you later on...mmmkkkaay?!?
Moving on...
Where do you keep all your earrings and stuff?! In a drawer, bag, little cup, jewelry box...I'm curious? All of my friends, that I asked, all said different places. Most of them also said that it was always a hunt in the morning to find a matching set of earrings! LOL! Then I remembered back in the day when I first got my ears pierced (well actually I got them pierced when I was a tiny baby) but when I first started to get out of my "tom-boy" stage and started wearing earrings in the 6th grade for my first dance! I was always so proud of my earrings, buying those tacky  plastic earring holders to display them know what I mean...don't act like you weren't proud of your pink and purple "bling"!
I ramble A LOT. 
It's a new twist on the tacky plastic earring holder!
Of course it's vintage style, and elegant, because that's what we are now!

Just a Dollar Store picture frame, spray painted, then sanded. Add your lace, I did black on this one (obviosuly). Another one I did was with white lace, and a turquoise frame, then I added the burn flowers for that girlie touch!
Hot glue your lace onto the back, where the glass used to be, and you can add some ribbon to hide the mess of the glue on the back and to re-enforce it! I hot glued my flowers to the frame also!
Five minutes and less than $5! Now you can find you both earrings in the morning. I obviously haven't found most of mine...yet!
I placed mine on a display thing, but you can use ribbon and hang it on your wall too!
My camera died, but I have more pictures of the back of it, and of the turquoise one on my phone...but I can't figure out how to download pictures from my phone to my computer?!
I will update this as soon as I get a hold of one of my siblings that can educate me on this!
Have a happy hump day!!
I was able to get one picture off my phone!
Kind of blurry...I tried to sharpen the image while editing...?

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Melissa said...

This is so cute!


A Christy Production said...

I found a tutorial to do this a while ago and love the idea. I have made about 10 of them and I sell them at markets. One of the best idea's I've come across in my Blog life!

leiGh said...

such a great/pretty idea! Is that a silk flower...i've tried to make them but mine didn't cup up like yours. What kind of silk is it (if it is silk)? Sorry for all the questions! thanks :)

Tasha said...

Leigh...Sorry I tried to find an email or blog address to comment back to you, but I couldn't find one! Hopefully you will get this! Yes it is a silk flower, just regular silk, I don't know any other name for it. I'm sorry, when you burn it are you burning it long enough to melt the fabric? When you go to the fabric store ask if you can get some little swatches of silky fabrics and then try them out before you buy them so you won't waste your money!!
Hope that helps!
Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

Stephanie said...

I love you, Tasha! I've been telling my husband for a while I need an earring holder. Mine are all shoved into a drawer in an old jewelry box, that actually happens to be broken. When I want a pair of earrings I have to dump the drawer out on my bed and rifle through them. To avoid this, I just keep them scattered around on my dresser in collective pairs. This, of course, looks like a mess.
But I am so going to do this! I have a frame that's just sitting here.

Heather said...

So simple! I love it. Thanks for linking up!

Jenny @ Embellishing Life said...

Love it. I really need to make one.
Thanks for the follow! I am following you back :)

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