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Sunday, September 19, 2010

$3 Placemat Table Runner!

The other day I shared a post with you about the monogrammed place mats. Well I had a few left over that I was going to use as backups, but I needed a table runner! I had never made a table runner before, but I thought that this would be as easy as it gets! I sewed 3 place mats together to make one runner! Sounds ugly right? Then I decided to try out my first set of ruffles, which were as easy as everyone says, and have those cover my seams. This is how she turned out:

Want to make one?
Is all you need is 3, or of you have a longer table 4, 5, or 6 Dollar Tree $1 place mats.
Coordinating scrap fabric
Ribbon (optional) I decided not to use ribbon, but I might on another!
Sewing machine and scissors.

Here are the mats that I had, it would look awesome in different colors as well! I just didn't have that option!
I cut 4 strips of fabric 3 3/4in. x 25 in. that part is up to you on how many ruffles you want!
I forgot to take a picture while I was sewing the ruffles, but I'm sure you get the idea!
The 2 middle ruffles I sewed right in the middle of the strip of fabric. To make sure I had the middle, I ironed it in half first and then sewed down the line.
I also didn't finish my edges because I like the look of the raw edge with the elegant look of the place mat!
Just add Fray Stop to the edges if you do that!
I used a wide zig-zag stitch to meet the 2 ends of my place mats. There was no overlap, they were just flush against each other when I sewed the stitch.
I used stitch 3 on my sewing machine...on the longest setting it would go!

Then I lined up my ruffle on top of where I put the zig-zag stitch, where my 2 mats meet, pinned in place and sewed right down the center.
The other 2 strips of fabric, I put on the end of my runner, I sewed the edge of the fabric to make the ruffle, not the middle like the two middle strips. Then I lined up the end ruffles with the end of my runner and sewed.
If you don't want the middle seam to show up, then you would lay ribbon or another fabric right in the middle of your ruffle and sew. I didn't have any that I loved on hand, so I might add that later, or just make another and do it to that one. I like how this one looks the way it is!

Voila! It takes about 27 minutes and costs $3 and looks pretty elegant!!! Can't beat that!
Have a Happy Sunday!
P.S. That is the top of my table...more tomorrow..still not finished completely!
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Stephanie said...

This is adorable. I saw you on U Create. I, too, am a stay-at-home mom of three and a thrifty DIY junkie. I'm just starting up my own business, selling my creations. I think I may give this tutorial a go, along with your tulle bed skirt.
Looking forward to following along with you!

Much DIY love
Luxe Boulevard

Erin @ Crafts and Sutch said...

Hey there! I featured you on my TO DO list over at Crafts and Sutch! Come check it out when you get a chance. :)


Meg said...

It does look elegant! I love $1 store ideas! Great job on the tutorial as well.
I'm having a free blog banner giveaway right now. I'd love it if you could join!

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

That is so cute!! Great job!

Jenna said...

Love it, so cute!

Sarah Sherman said...

What an awesome cheap project!!! My husband and I are looking for the cheap placemats this weekend!!!

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