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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I went to a yard sale this past weekend and saw this lonely chair...It was DISGUSTING, obviously, the reason of it being lonely! Anyway, for the $1 price tag, I couldn't just let it sit their in it's misery!
I loaded it in the back of the vehicle, all the while, my son was telling us how nasty it was and he didn't want it to touch anyone until I "dissected it" (disinfect). He was grossed out, so I was I really! Anyway, she is going to be my Christmas Season chair! That's what it resembles now, until I find some better coordinating fabric so that she blends in better!
Here is the breakdown of how I did it! All in all, she cost me $5 after the makeover! I used leftover everything except for the padding that I had to buy for $3.99. IF I had to go and buy the spray paint and the fabric too, I think it still would have been under $15 FOR SURE!
Feeling refreshed!
Had to buy this because the original turned into dust (seriously).
Voila! Doesn't it scream sing Christmas?
I hope to get to a fabric store soon. I am unlucky in the fact that I live 90 minutes away from the nearest Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's or Hancock Fabrics! I guess there is always online shopping, but I like to see it SEE IT before I buy it!
Not bad for a $5 chair right?!
Have a great day...!
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Keriann said...

Man I never get the good stuff at yard sales! I love the red! Great job!!

visiting from trendy treehouse link up party

Mandi said...

Muh hah ha the stuff that us thriftiest drag home! I love that you are going to have holiday furniture!! It's so cute! Thanks for the feature yesterday!

Love your guts

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