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Saturday, August 28, 2010

DIY Pottery Barn Owls!

Awhile back, I bought the Brooke bedding for my baby girls' bedroom. I loved it, so whimsical and vintage, but so dang expensive! There are these cute owls that go with it, each for about $30! What?!? Anyway, I looked at them and decided I could make them out of scrap fabric so they would practically be for FREE! How hard could it be right?! (I, kid)
I tried, keep in mind, I am used to only sewing STRAIGHT lines, not circles....mmmkay! I was totally going to give you all a pattern and a tutorial on how to do these, but I am not sure once you see these pictures that you are really going to want either! But what the heck, if you have a little seamstress skill this would be CAKE for you! Or maybe even if you can sew a circle this would be like butter! I really wish I was better at it, I have so many ideas in my head of all the cool variations you could do for these cute things, like ruffles on the back side, or even the front, patchwork, puffy wings..the list could go on and on!
Anyway, both of my girls love them, so I guess I can be proud, who are they to judge their ob longed crooked owl, that their amazingly talented mother made for them!
Okay, so here is your giggle for the day! You're welcome!
I need to make the wings bigger on the tall owl!This is where I found out about circles! Then I used a star stitch on my sewing machine for the other owl, to make things easier, but I got them lop-sided!
The first set of the feet I sewed. U-G-L-Y! This really was frustrating, but once I got to the second one it did seem to get a little easier.  I am hoping I can make a couple more and get it down, so then if anyone wants, I can give them a tutorial or pattern! Practice makes perfect!
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The Girl Creative said...

I really like them! I bet your kids will love them forever. :)

Jenny said...

The owls are cute, I would love to have a pattern to make some myself, My girls would really like them. Have a good day.

Vania said...

They are adorable! They make me want to get my sewing machine out and make owls.

cariboucountry said...

love those owls! Our daughters must have the same style, mine wants those too!

Nutbird said...

Folk art is art by the self taught, so you are a folk soft sculpture artist. You can just cut some larger wings, and hand sew them on to the tall owl. Or you can iron them on with Stitch Witchery. These are really cute for a professed non curvy sewer. They are more charming for not being perfect. Great job. Ann

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