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Friday, August 13, 2010

Desk Re-do!!

This is one of my first furniture revivals! I was so excited when I saw this desk at a yard sale, that I had to have it! She was asking $300 for it,  that was WAY out of my tiny budget. After I went home and couldn't stop thinking about it, I decided to go back into town and see if she had sold it yet. She hadn't and it was the end of the day, so I knew it was mine meant to be! She decided to drop the price to $180, but I was still really hesitant, because I knew the Hubs wouldn't go for that! Then after deciding once again not to buy, even though I LOVED it, I started crying walking away. Then the lady must have saw how much I loved it, and said that she was sell it to me for a steal $130!  I was like "WHAT?" I actually felt kind of bad, because that was soooo far away from the original asking price, but she said she had to get rid of it, and she knew that I loved it!
Then it was TONS of debating back and forth of what I was going to do to it! I LOVE  me some color, so I had red, yellow, turquoise, or orange in mind. The Hubs was totally against me painting over wood, so somehow we compromised with leaving the top wood, and just sanding it down and staining it with a pretty cherry stain, and then painting the rest Ivory (not really a color if you ask me). This is how she turned out......
before........UGLINESS!This is after she's all painted, just starting the glaze. I actually liked it without the glaze, but I felt like it needed something, I will probably paint it again in a year or time turquoise!
P.S. This desk is HUGE! It measures 6 feet x 4 feet! It's better than the desk at the White House...KIDDING!

Voila! The finished product! Ya like?

1 comment:

Marie-Andrée said...

This is a good job. and the right color' I think. I love it that way.

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