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Monday, August 23, 2010


Maybe I just like ceramic things because I was raised with them? My Grandma had a ceramic shop, well she still does, but nothing is to come of all those ceramics because she is too old to run it :(...Which brings me to my post. I went in her shop the last time I was back home and came across A LOT of cool things! I forget how stinkin' cheap ceramics are, if you just get them unfinished! I of course got these things for free, but if you were to go to her shop than none of these items were over $10! Is all I needed was some paint, found at Walmart and I was set! There are SO many different techniques that you could do to these, the possibilities are endless! I was just in a home decor store here in town and found a finished water bowl thing (don't know what they are but the red picture below) and it was $55 for a smaller version of the same thing!
Here are a couple that are unfinished because I haven't decided where I want to put them!

Here is an owl cookie jar, it's in my kitchen on top of the cupboards. I don't know why I didn't paint the bottom of the hat! Opps!
This is the water bowl thing that I see everywhere, this one is really big, and in a store this would cost me at least $40-$60! It cost me it would cost you only $10 to buy unfinished and then $2 for the paint!
This is a cute little owl, I just painted it yellow and added a glaze, my grandpa drilled out the eyes, so I can use it as a nightlight in my daughter's room! I made a basketball nightlight for my son's room, but he is sleeping right now and I forgot to take a picture of it. Darn!


The Lennon Four said...

I remember going to her ceramic shop a million years ago! My mom still has the little sunflower I painted in her window! You are amazing! I can't believe all the projects you've done! Someday, you should come to my house and make everything all cutesie :) Thanks for sharing all of them!

Tasha said...

That's so funny! I had no idea you had been there!! lol! I would LOVE to come to your house and help you with projects! :)

cariboucountry said...

cool idea with the yellow owl. Love it!

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