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Monday, April 11, 2011

"WOOD" you say I'm Scrap Happy....?

Hi friendsie friends! I have some good news!
I finally have an internet that allows a speed high enough to post pictures! Project time!
Here is my Chevron "Gallery" for kid's artwork! I have a little problem. I have a tendency to do a project and then I want to do like 100 different varieties of that same thing. It's annoying.
You know like when you start to paint, you can't just stop at one room, you want to paint them all. Or like waxing a hairy man...maybe that's too graphic...ummm? Never mind.
Anyway, I have a whole bunch of scrap wood just laying around in our shop, so when my parents came down to visit I told my dad to pack his router so I could put him to work!
He routered all the scrap wood that I could find. I'm telling you, I am annoying when it comes to stuff like that. Then when my parents left I had to do something with all these pieces of random, routered wood. So the scrap happy season begins...
Starting with...
A "gallery" for my children's artwork.
I have seen these all over before, and just got around to doing it with routered scrap #1.
I wasn't sure where I was going to put it, because it was one of those random-need-to-make-something-out-of-this-scrap kind of thing. My kids LOVE it! I haven't ever put their work up before because I don't like clutter so my fridge wasn't an option. (Mean?). Now we have a "gallery" though! YAY!
I went through 3 different versions until I got one that I liked...
Here is Gallery #1
It was okay, but I didn't like it below that wreath because the browns clashed with each I re-painted and ended up with this....Gallery #2
I liked this one the most because it was really neutral and that's at first what I wanted, but it blended in with the wall and I just didn't like it like that......
So I repainted one more time, and I think I this is my favorite. I decide if I was going to go bold I might as well go all the way right?! My hubby pretty much hates the chevron pattern, but I am deeply in love with it! I would have almost everything in my house in that pattern if I could! Anyway here it is...
Gallery #3

I used white vinyl, and in real life it pops out better, but I just ordered more brown from
SignWareHouse (great place to buy vinyl) and I will probably replace it!

I distressed the heck out of it and of course put a glaze over it!
Sorry about this picture, it shows up straight on everything and then for some reason when I put it here it won't go straight, even after I have rotated it and saved in every position! No worries, just turn your head! lol!

Have a Happy Monday! See you all tomorrow!!
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Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

Such a fun idea! Love the blue and white pattern you ended with, it really looks great!!

The kids must feel so special to have their cute art work on display!

Andrea said...

LOVE it!!! I really need to make something like this!

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