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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Candy Buffet Ideas!

Heeeelo friends!
I have been so busy the past couple of weeks so sorry for neglecting you all! Thanks for sticking around!
One of the many things that I have been busy with is planning my sister's bridal shower! I am so excited because I love this type of thing...even though I have never planned, or even attended a bridal shower! I already have my ideas!
(There is always room for more ideas and tips, so if you have any EMAIL me PLEASE!)
I am going to do a Candy Buffet for the shower, the theme being "Love Sweet Love" or "Love is Sweet"...or if you have any other suggestions..hit me up!
Here are some pictures of inspiration that I have been pulling from...

Source Unknown

Source Unknown


wedding candy buffet ideas

Candy Buffet 2

Honestly, I could have posted a bazillion pictures of my favorites, but I thought I'd start there!

 A good source to buy all your bulk candy:

A good source for the apothecary jars and things like that:

TONS of DIY wedding ideas:

I will probably come up with a ton more ideas because I am obsessed! I will show you all of my ideas for the party favors tomorrow or sometime next week and you can help me decide which ones would be the best!
See ya Monday for the Try it Tuesday features (for the past two weeks)! Then Monday night I will be posting the Try it Tuesday Party because I won't be around Tuesday-Thursday again with family stuff.
Hope you all don't mind! Thanks for understanding!
Have a great weekend!


Tiffany said...

At our wedding, we had a candy bar. The wedding was Tiffany blue and silver and everything girly so we had blue rock candy...Hershey kisses & tons of other sweet stuff. My favorite part was a glitzy little frame that held the message "Love is sweet, enjoy your treat." Have a great time planning! said...

SO adorable. I love these ideas!! said...

SO adorable. I love these ideas!!

Mariah said...

The Candy Buffet has become the most exciting and most-awaited part of the food catering at parties and has got people asking where they can get one from! Visit for that now!

mark lawrence said...

Truly wonderful candy buffet ideas. I have to arrange a family brunch get-together next month and in search of apt seattle venues at a great location for the same. Going to hire a party caterer too for arranging it.

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