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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hello Hello!
I have had a lot of emails and comments concerning my buttons. I am in the middle of trying to find someone else to make me some! I have asked the lady that made mine if she could help me fix them since I paid $20 for each of those stinking things, and she isn't wanting to!
(What a jip, right? that how you spell "jip"? Do you know what that is, or is that a small town word? I hope it doesn't mean anything that would offend someone...if it does let me know so I can take it down and never use it again. Maybe I shouldn't use words that I don't know the meaning of?)
I have no idea why they aren't working, but I will be getting new ones soon...I think that the Feature button people can get to work, it's just the Party button that isn't, right?
I wish I was smart and could figure things out like that, but I am worse on computers than my 89 year old great grandma.Serious.
I will be working on it, thank you all for letting me know and thanks for trying to post them on your blogs!
I will update you when I get new ones!!
Until then make sure to link up here, if you get featured, make sure to grab a button!!


Mel said...

Someone made them, charged you for them and now that they don't work, is not willing to fix them? That's not very nice.

Making buttons is not all that difficult but takes some time. Do you want me to help you? Keep in mind that my skills are limited. LOL


Mel said...

Tasha, I posted them both without any issues.

Jenna said...

I can't get the feature button to work either...

Brooke Anna said...

I can send you a tutorial I found if you want to make them yourself and some tips I read somewhere. Just reply back and I can get back to you today!
Just let me know of you are interested.

Shannon said...

No worries, sadly I just figured out how to post my buttons on the Blogger sidebar!
I gave you a Stylish Blogger Award

Stephanie {Luxe Boulevard} said...

Yeah, I noticed that a while ago. It is a jip. Nothing wrong in saying so. I was able to edit the HTML though. My biggest issue is how wide they are, to be honest. They get off on my sidebars. I edited the width so that they could be advertised fully.

Check out Throwback Thursdays over at Luxe Boulevard. There's even a giveaway today.

Leia said...

I think it would be spelled Gyp. I think it is short for gypsy. because gypsies... well gyp you. :) I could be wrong but that's what I always though the word meant.

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