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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chips n' dip holder!

 I saw one of these things for sale for $80, and you all know, you can make it for 1/10 of the price! That's exactly what I did. I love chips and dip, usually it is the item that I choose to bring to my partaaays! Spinach artichoke preferably, but I'm not picky, I eat them all!
ANYWAY...onto the DIY project for your partying-selves!
All you need is...
Two candle holders. Different sizes, sames size, whatever you like!
A large plate and a smaller bowl, but once again, whatever size and shape you like!
stick them all together with a little Gorilla Glue, (spray paint optional)
This is what you end up with!

I did leave the bowl part separate from the plate part, they are both just glued to their individual sticks. It makes it easier for washing and storing!

How fun to make some for each occasion, like a black and orange one, fall colored one, Christmas, etc...
You can put fruit and fruit dip in them!
Cupcakes on the plate and then some type of topping in the bowl.
Cheesecake on the plate and then topping in the bowl! (YUM)
The options are ENDLESS!

Here are a few more that I made! I just went around my house and found different dishes that I already had, and paired them with my cheap $1 candlestick holders. Then I mixed and matched them until I found combinations that I liked! The ones that I couldn't find a partner for, I will just save for another project later!!

Have a Happy Thursday!
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Try it Tuesday!

Sorry for the lack of crafty posts lately! I have had nothing but sickness flow throughout my household for the pass few weeks! I hope it's finally gone for good, because it has been a rough few days for sure!! I haven't had time to do ANY crafting! I'm about ready to go crazy because I have a million ideas and not enough time to do them!
Enough with the venting and onto these lovely things that I hope to try someday soon!
I am dying to make these daybeds for my son's room! It would be so perfect! Kara, over at Kara's Korner gives you the place where she got the tutorial on how to make these! HOW AWESOME is that?!?! I am so excited to get my hubby on the DIY bandwagon and have him help me whip these up sometime soon!
I would love to make them for my both my girl's rooms too, but they aren't really in need of it, but I love the colors that she has on hers for a girl!
Go check them out!

This one I really plan on doing very soon! I am just now starting to decorate for that late? I think I am the last of the blog world to start on my Halloween decorating! EEK!
Anyhow....Isn't this decorative pumpkin a fun idea?! There is like a million ways of doing this! I am so excited to try out a few images! Jump on over to Calamity Anne's Adventures and check out her tutorial!
I know you all will want to do some!

Well, that is all that I have for this week again! I hope to have a healthy family now, so I can start on some more crafts and ideas to share!!
P.S. All you ladies that have emailed me on questions about my projects that you are wanting to do, I would LOVE to see some pictures and feature them on my site!! So let me know when you finish! I am so excited to see your take on those ideas!
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a blissful Tuesday!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

On a sidenote...

Once again, nothing to do with crafting, but I just did something CCRRAAZZZYY so I had to share! I went from being a blondie my WHOLE life to becoming a brunette, like dark dark! My kids didn't recognize me when I walked through the door, they just stared at me, then when I finally said their names they realized who I was! I hope I didn't traumatize them! My hunkster is liking the new do, he has a brunette "mistress" now! Who knows when the blond will be back (probably sooner rather than later), but for now I am living on the WILD side!
What do you think, blond or brunette?!
This is definitely an adjustment, I forget that I have brown hair sometimes, so when I walk by a mirror it freaks me out at first!
Have you ever done a total hair change like this, being one color your whole life to going completely different?!

It ends this Wednesday (September 29) at midnight!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

TWO tables transformed into ONE!

Here she is...!!
This is what I started with:
That's the top.
See how it sinks in the middle...not good!
That's where I took the bottom of my old table...
I also attached a piece of wood that was almost the length of the "new" table underneath the table top to help with the sagging.
I used some Gorilla Glue, liquid nails, and then clamped them into place with an adjustable clamp by Rockler! They are the best clamps because you get more for your money since they can go in weird angles!

I forgot to get a picture of it before I painted the base with Krylon Ivory Gloss, but it was oak, and the top was that same oak table that every set of newlyweds have it seems had a fake oak top.
This is the top of the "new" table. It had all different grains with the wood. They were all in a little square patch. It was HARD and took forever to sand without crossing the other grains the wrong way! This was one of the first times in my adult life that I wished that I wasn't 6 foot tall, because hunching over that for days hurt the ol' back! If I was more like 5 feet tall, it would have been the perfect height!! Anyway.......moving on.......!
That's after I got the tabletop sanded and stained! Onto changing out the base....
This is almost finished..the base needed another top coat, and the legs needed cut and fit into their little corners!
I also added some wooden appliques for some more detail.
 I attached them with the AMAZING Gorilla Glue...I use this stuff for pretty much everything, if not their glue, than their tape is awesome too!
Scroll up and look at the original legs, and then imagine them being cut to size and fitting back in their spot, just the same length and the side hanging of the table!

Do you like it? It looks a little country for me, but I love it, just not sure if fits in my home. Oh well, I love it, so I will make it work until I find a new project to replace it and sell this one!
Have a Great Weekend!!
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What would you do with a rain gutter?!

Obviosuly, you would want to make a BOOKSHELF with it!

A LONG time ago I was on the hunt for bookshelves, that would be practical enough for my budget, and durable enough for my kids. After days of searching, and not really finding anything I liked, I somehow stumbled upon this genius project at Mama Notes! Go over and check it out, she gives you all the details of how to get yours done!
vinyl rain gutter is the material of choice! Say WHAT?! Yes, When I went to Lowes and told them my plans they thought I was CRRRRAZY! I reassured them that I wasn't...they still stared.
Annnyway, it cost me about $15 to do 3 shelves! If I do just one long one, it would be around $10! It costs about $7 for a long vinyl raingutter and then $2 each for the end closure thingys!
This is how mine turned out!
I plan on having 2 more above that one, I am just waiting for my hubby to get done hunting to cut the other 2 out! Maybe I don't know how to use a hack saw, but WHOA did I find that to be extremely vigorus! Okay, so maybe I am just a wimp! Anyway, I know my hunky hub will whip the other 2 out like butter, so I'd rather wait for him!
My daughter has a little nook in her room, that's where I put the shelves, and I plan on making a couple chairs or bean bags to go under them! She is excited because she can reach them without having to get a stool!
I have to go get another gutter for my son, he wants one in his room for all of his books, so stay tuned for that. I plan on doing something a little different with his gutter!

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Have a Happy Wednesday!

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A Fabric Travel Highchair gift set!
(includes the highchair and 2 matching/coordinating cotton/terrycloth bibs)
All in your choice of fabric!

If you need more detail on the items up for grabs, check out my ETSY SHOP. I have more pictures of the highchair if you're not sure what it is, and I have the dimensions of the blanket there!

I know it's not like a million dollars or anything, but hopefully there is something that you might enjoy!!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

FUNNY stuff...

So, I know this has NOTHING to do with crafting (maybe kind of because it's creative)...but I got this sent to me by my friend on her way back to school in Wyoming last month!  I was going through my pictures on my phone and came across this one again and it still makes me roll with laughter! I just had to share it with you all! It was really truly put up outside of Laramie, WY by someone who was really fired! What an awesome revenge! (p.s. I am not the vengeful type, but when it's something as funny as this, I have to laugh) bahahah! Maybe you won't find this as funny as I do, but I wish I would have saw every one's reactions driving on that highway that day! CLASSIC!
Got to love WYOMING!
(What I consider my home state...I miss it!)
Hope you enjoy...
If not, than I think I might have something you will...
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It's a combination of my blog's 1 month birthday and 100+ followers! YAY!
Thanks guys!
I am still trying to decide what exactly it will be....If you're a follower come back tomorrow and hopefully I will have it figured out!!
Have a Happy Tuesday!

Try it Tuesday!

Sorry about last week, I was busy busy, so I never got my Try it Tuesday posted! Today I have a couple awesome ideas to share! I am so excited to try these out!!! I know you will be too!!

Isn't this just clever!? I LOVE it!! The ladies over at Twice Lovely are genius! Check out this old cupboard that she made into an amazing clock! I WANT! Go on over and check out the details HERE!

I love the quatrefoil pattern! I've used it in THIS project and THIS project, oh yeah and THIS one!
So it would be no surprise to you that I have been wanting to get a quatrefoil mirror for about 9 months now (who's counting?). Then I decided since they were so pricey (the cool ones anyway) I would have to just make one I had ideas, but they seemed to be labor intensive, then I was checking out some blogs and ran into THIS genius creation at Infarrantly Creative! I was so excited, she came up with a super simple, but super creative way to make a quatrefoil mirror! I'm on this one like STAT! Check it out her tutorial here!!

Well those are my only Tuesday specials today, I have had a rough week, sorry people! If you have any clever ideas be sure to email me or let me know to check out your blog! I would love to post it in my "Try it Tuesday" and try it!!
Have a happy Tuesday!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

$3 Placemat Table Runner!

The other day I shared a post with you about the monogrammed place mats. Well I had a few left over that I was going to use as backups, but I needed a table runner! I had never made a table runner before, but I thought that this would be as easy as it gets! I sewed 3 place mats together to make one runner! Sounds ugly right? Then I decided to try out my first set of ruffles, which were as easy as everyone says, and have those cover my seams. This is how she turned out:

Want to make one?
Is all you need is 3, or of you have a longer table 4, 5, or 6 Dollar Tree $1 place mats.
Coordinating scrap fabric
Ribbon (optional) I decided not to use ribbon, but I might on another!
Sewing machine and scissors.

Here are the mats that I had, it would look awesome in different colors as well! I just didn't have that option!
I cut 4 strips of fabric 3 3/4in. x 25 in. that part is up to you on how many ruffles you want!
I forgot to take a picture while I was sewing the ruffles, but I'm sure you get the idea!
The 2 middle ruffles I sewed right in the middle of the strip of fabric. To make sure I had the middle, I ironed it in half first and then sewed down the line.
I also didn't finish my edges because I like the look of the raw edge with the elegant look of the place mat!
Just add Fray Stop to the edges if you do that!
I used a wide zig-zag stitch to meet the 2 ends of my place mats. There was no overlap, they were just flush against each other when I sewed the stitch.
I used stitch 3 on my sewing machine...on the longest setting it would go!

Then I lined up my ruffle on top of where I put the zig-zag stitch, where my 2 mats meet, pinned in place and sewed right down the center.
The other 2 strips of fabric, I put on the end of my runner, I sewed the edge of the fabric to make the ruffle, not the middle like the two middle strips. Then I lined up the end ruffles with the end of my runner and sewed.
If you don't want the middle seam to show up, then you would lay ribbon or another fabric right in the middle of your ruffle and sew. I didn't have any that I loved on hand, so I might add that later, or just make another and do it to that one. I like how this one looks the way it is!

Voila! It takes about 27 minutes and costs $3 and looks pretty elegant!!! Can't beat that!
Have a Happy Sunday!
P.S. That is the top of my table...more tomorrow..still not finished completely!
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dining Chair transformation!

 The before may make you vomit gross you out, but I saw the potential!
I got these chairs from a relative, that has had them in storage for about a decade. They were cleaning it out and decided they would never refinish this dining set, so they were off to the D.I. Then they remembered that I had been searching for a new set, and asked me if I wanted them...
I hesitated a bit once I saw them, but I thought I could see what I could do. The worst that could happen was I painted them the wrong color and had to redo it right, plus, if I couldn't get them how I wanted I could just give them to the D.I. and keep up my searching! They were practically free!
The before:

They did inform me that the beauty mark of a stain right there is actually mahogany stain that had spilt on it years ago! That made me feel a bit better!
The after:
I felt like I needed something to add to the chairs because I have a problem they seemed dull to me, so I reverted back to my ever so handy wood scrolls (maybe I just have an addiction to wood scrolls?)
Plopped one of those on the back of each chair and glazed it to add a little pop!
I need to finish my glazing around it, but I ran out, one of the many problems I faced while redo this dining set!
Anyway, I am quite pleased with the end result. I am still trying to find 4 coordinating fabrics to go on all 4 chairs ( I have a bench on one side of my table). Either that or I want one fabric that has teals, browns, greens, oranges, yellows, and purples or reds. If you know of any fabric that matches that...LET ME KNOW! I will love you forever!
The "TWO tables into ONE" transformation will hopefully be tomorrow, if I finish it today! If not...I will be ticked, sometimes my ideas in my head are almost impossible and it drives ME the HUBBY crazy!
 Maybe I will just give a partial reveal tomorrow if I still am not finished. (In my head it's going to be beautiful, maybe it won't work out like that in real life though?)
Have Happy Weekend People!!

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I just fell off my chair....

Okay, so I really didn't, but I about did...Kari @ Ucreate chose my blog! I'm a "New Craft Blog" feature on her site! AHHH! She is like the Lebron James of Craft blogs! This totally just made my year!
About 4 months ago, she was the only craft blog I had ever visited, thanks to my friend Mandy for introducing me to her site. I then got so addicted to her site, I went back everyday, thus leading me to venture out into the blog world almost a month ago and starting up {Dot}{Dot}{Dot}! Crazy!
Well hope you all have a great weekend!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Dollar Tree {DIY} Monongrammed Place mats!

                           Monogrammed place mats! FOR A little over a DOLLAR (each)! Serious!
I have not ventured into the Dollar Tree very often, maybe a couple times in my life. Mostly because I have never had one in any of the places that I've lived. The closest one to me now, is a 30 minute drive, but I hear so much about it, that I had to go see it for myself! GOOD THING! Annnnnnnyway....I have been looking for some place mats in a certain couple of colors, for a reasonable price...found them!
They are pretty just plain and simple, but I love monogramming everything. I grabbed 3 different colors that go like perfection in my home, and then decided to use the brown one for the letters, and the other two colors as the place mats. It takes only one place mat to use for your monograms, I was able to cut out 12 on just one place mat because I cut the edges off and then I had both sides of the mat to use up!
It cost me $7 for 6 of these beauties...I did both sides, so in case one sides gets dirty and I don't have time to wash it before guests get here, I just flip it over!
I used freezer paper and my Cricut with a Cricut marker to draw out the design.
I cut on of the brown mats out along the edge, leaving me two sides to work with. 
I then ironed on my freezer paper to my mat so the monograms would lay flat and still. (I also used HEATn'BOND Ultra and ironed that on the back of the brown mat, before I cut it all out together.)
I tried to cut the fabric out with my Cricut, but my mat wasn't sticky enough, so that's why I used the Freezer paper, but that would save you a LOT of time, and you could do a more cursive font too!
I chose to use a plain font, because I'm not very precise with scissors, but it would look GORGEOUS with a pretty, dainty font. When my Cricut is back in commission, I will do more with a better font. This is it for now!
Have a GREAT Weekend!!
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